Monday, April 7, 2008

high gear for wildflower

Well, I'm in full gear for wildflower now. I think I'll be behind the curve in training compared to most of my L.A. friends, but excuses aside I'm having a good time and enjoying the training.

I committed to 40 miles yesterday with my friend Jason, riding Barrington hills, but we rocked out 54, at which he had sprinted the last 4-5 miles and my chain broke two miles from the rendezvous. Too bad. it was a brutal, hilly ride, but i think it's just what the doctor ordered. Now I have to train running on some of those hills.

In other news it's just 7 days now until I have to pay my taxes AND I find out about the Ironman Kona lottery for 2008. It was a serendipitous lucky week when I signed up for Ironman Kona, and I figured that would be it. The storm was calm until tonight, when I got huge news, and if the coming 7 days are anything like my January, I better start playing the lottery and training my ass off.