Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 Accenture Chicago Triathlon Results

Here are my results from the race:

Swim 0.93 miles, plus 400 yard run: 31:03 (overall top 32%, class rank top 45%)
T1: 3:16 (class rank top 44%)
Bike 26.2 miles: 1:17:33 (19.1 mph) (overall top 40%, class rank top 51%)
T2: 3:20 (class rank bottom 33%)
Walk 6.1 miles: 1:30:22 (overall slower than 95% of people, class rank bottom 1%, I beat one guy)
Final: 3:25:36 (overall bottom 20%, sex rank bottom 7%)

For not having trained since before Steelhead, and having a knee injury I'm pretty impressed. And as Jason put it, I'm also impressed that I didnt try to be a hero and blow my knee out.

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