Saturday, August 23, 2008

in 3 hours I'm going to get up to go to the chicago triathlon. I am not competing in this race. I am simply going to do it to do it. The reasons and excuses are many, but my overall feeling is that next year is a new year and I'll have a new lease on life by then. Ever since my bike died and now that my knee is blown out from The Steelhead race, I'm pretty much going to just see what the race is like and how it will be next year.

I am planning on either a) not doing the run, b) walking it, or c) walk/trotting it. I really don't mind, because I don't want to destroy my knee.

I'm sad about all this, but I really can't do anything about it right now, there have been just too many bad things in a row this summer that prevented training.

Rucci out. 

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