Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lactate Threshold and competition as motivation

I managed to walk a good portion of the run tonight (futzing with an extra layer of clothing I had to stow in my shorts' waistline, waiting for stoplights, sprinting and walking to rest, grabbing some water from the fountains) and with a long-haul push to catch up to a couple runners in front of me on the long northward lakefront stretch, I still pulled down a respectable minutes/mile pace, which tells me that the hills I ran in california alone, just that one race, seems as if it possibly raised my lactate threshold. I'm wanting now to run more on the basis of heart rate, and am considering a polar heart rate monitor to try heart rate zone training to increase my speed and efficiency.

I sprinted a couple times on my own, and then found that I set these little meaningless goals for myself like "catch up to that girl before the water fountain" or "catch up to this guy" who then sensed my presence and pulled ahead faster... but right when I thought I couldn't catch up to him we hit a tiny little incline over the diversey bridge and I muscled it up and over the hill and caught up to him right before I made my turn down and under the diversey bridge for home.

These little things feel good, they feel like competition and they motivate me and I like it.

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