Wednesday, May 7, 2008

looking forward

Here's how the rest of my season pans out right now.

June 21+22 - MS 150 "Tour De Farms" (I will be asking you for a sponsorship!)

Sometime during June/July - 3+ nights of camping and hiking in wyoming/montana somewhere with pretty fields and prairies and fun country stuff. Not a race or triathlon, but maybe some hiking involved.

Sometime June/July - Mississippi River trail biking 500 miles, 
Galena to St. Louis. Depends on co-rider's availability. 5 days-ish camping and rolling with full gear on the back of the bike. Insanity.

August 2 - Steelhead Michigan 1/2 Ironman (official Ironman event, was to be my Kona qualifying race... And within a margin of error, my 1-year Triathlon anniversary.) This is my headline event this year.

August 24 - Chicago Triathlon International Distance (hopefully I will rock this out because of August 2 preparations)

November? - 
Catalina Island?? Ohh, did I say that? It's a maybe at this point.

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