Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Running Shoes

Well, time to retire these New Balance 504 shoes. This is the second pair of these monsters I bought and ran into the ground. I ran them into pieces of gum. I think I had 150 miles on the first pair, and looking back I'm probably at least at 150 with this pair too. Plus they got insanely dusty at Wildflower 2008, so I'm retiring them.

The problem now is that I really feel compelled to go down to fleet feet and get myself properly fitted for a sweet pair of running shoes, and that costs money that I probably shouldn't spend. I'm still paying "the man" off on my credit cards and times are generally tight right now. But these are the shoes I'm going to be running on for the next year, probably in all my races, and for an entire running season, I think they need to be rock-solid awesome supportive shoes, so I better not mess this up.

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