Thursday, May 15, 2008

a weak sauce week

This week was abysmal... I ate like utter crap, i slept in because there was little work to be had in my freelance life, I stayed up late (although I got to hobby a bit, which was fun). I had portillos TWICE including a big honking piece of chocolate cake at the end of each meal. I made a huge serving of rice crispy treats at home (lord help me), and my bike is still hanging out somewhere in the FedEx void (after being totally torn up I had to send it in to get my insurance claim and they STILL have not returned it, even though it's been 7 days.) Top this with Chipotle, McDonalds, a new potbellies opened across the street from my house (sugar cookies!, 3 times!) and everything horrible that was fast and cheap I could find, I gobbled it up. My body, resillient from decades of McDonalds intake in my youth, felt very warm and comfy. Oh god,  I forgot white castle, MAN I ate like shit these last few days.

It got so bad, that I finally put my foot down. First I realized that the whole thing going on here is I cleared out my fridge before wildflower and so I had no food to make at home.... duh, and I had no money to go buy a shit-ton of groceries. So because I actually really like my home cooked, usually olive-oil-based goodness, I went to the grocery store and bought a load of basics on credit. Pasta, pasta sauce, eggs, some chicken boobs, zucchini (sauteed, my fave), and oranges (fruit is the best) among the selection.

As I consume my last rice crispy treat, I will post tonight's run, my first run on the new shoes (see next post). 

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