Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wildflower 2008 Triathlon Results breakdown ranks

1.5K Swim: 28:35 (52 meters/min.)
T1: 3:24
40K Bike: 1:38:45 (15.1 mph)
T2: 2:26
10K Run: 59:00 (6.3 mph, 9.5 min./mile)

I was faster than 52% of my peers in the swim (120/247)
I was faster than 75% of my peers in T1 (64/247)
77% of my peers were faster on the bike (190/247)
I was faster than 55% of my peers in T2 (114/247)
70% of my peers were faster on the run (172/247)
Overall I only beat 44% of the guys in my age group. (164/247)
Overall I was faster than 51% of all people (1186/2399)

I'm proud of all of this, my only predicted goal was a sub-30-minute swim, which i beat by a minute and a half. My generally fun/good feeling on the bike was worth it, even with a bathroom stop and two maintenance stops for helping someone else and myself. Not doing that would only have moved me up a couple ranks in the division. The run was brutally hilly and I really didn't train appropriately for that, nor did I train in that heat or air.

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